New Project: Food Bank Locator

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We are also pleased to tell you that for the holidays we’ve built a Facebook Food Bank Locator called Donation Locations.  The Food Bank Locator currently has approximately 380 locations.  We invite you to help spread the word on your own Facebook pages, submit locations in your town or link out to services that accept donations to help feed the hungry. According to Joshua Rich Electric Vine CEO:  “Creating a Facebook Food Bank Locator is a great way to give … Read More

Observations from NY Location-Based Marketing Discussion

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Last night I attended a Digital Flash panel discussion on location-based marketing.  It was a very cool session with some great interaction from the audience.   The panelists included several very influential players in the New York location-based services space including: Gemma Craven – SVP, Ogilvy Digital Influence Jamie Thompson – CEO of Pongr Scott Hendrickson – VP Advertising Sales, Where, Inc. Steve Schlafman – VP Business Development, StickyBits I learned several things from this session. There is presently no real way … Read More

Quick Facebook Installation Video Tutorial

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We just made a Facebook installation video tutorial which shows you how quick and easy it is to install the Bullseye Store Locator App on your Facebook Business Page. If you have any follow-up questions please call us at 1-800-606-1415.

Updated Facebook Installation Instructions

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We have updated the installation instructions with changes to Facebook Pages admin screens. Click here to read the revised instructions. Or call Tom Flynn if you have questions, 800-606-1415.

Creating Value For Your Business On Facebook

Joshua Rich, President & CEOLocation Based Marketing

Like a lot of companies these days, you are probably investing a fair amount of marketing effort into building your social media presence on Facebook. If so, you’ve probably also noticed that companies are doing more with their business fan pages, including customizing layout, adding interactive features, and even adding functionality that once belonged only on websites. These powerful features generate interaction, they keep users on your Facebook page, and they add excitement that can help make your effort more … Read More

Gaspari Uses Location-Based Marketing to Drive Retail Traffic

Joshua Rich, President & CEOLocation Based Marketing

All the attention this year is on location-based marketing services and how every website will soon know exactly where you are at any given moment—serving up targeted push advertising via mobile phone and PDA.  But the idea of using location as a way to build brand relationships and drive consumer behavior has been around for as long as CRM has been around and savvy companies have been using it in their arsenal of digital marketing tools. Gaspari Nutrition is one … Read More

The Store Locator App for Facebook Has a New Look

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Thanks to all of the Bullseye clients who have tried the Store Locator app for Facebook. We’ve gotten some great feedback and have listened to your requests. We recently optimized the search and results layout so it’s even easier for your customers to use the location finder while browsing your Facebook Fan Page. Now the search and results are combined onto one page, making multiple searches a snap. Check out who has added the Store Locator app to their Facebook … Read More

Setting Up Facebook with a Bullseye Store Locator Application

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It’s very simple to set up the Bullseye Store Locator Application on your Facebook Business Page.  First thing you will need is a Bullseye login to allow Bullseye 6 to work with Facebook, so if you don’t already have a Bullseye account, contact Bullseye Solutions Group at 1-800-606-1415 or visit the Bullseye Website. Once your locations are uploaded into the Bullseye Store Locator Software you are ready to add the Store Locator Application to your Facebook Page. Follow these easy … Read More

New Product Features

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New Lead Manager Features Digital Literature Fulfillment – Automatically include a link to product literature in the confirmation email when users submit requests for information. The link can be dynamic based on the users indicated product interest. Companies – This feature allows you to route leads based upon the company name of the lead. So you can assign lead “A” to distributor “A” and the system will know that all leads that enter lead “A’s” company name should go to distributor … Read More

Bullseye Tip: Lead Manager Email System

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Did you know that you can use Bullseye’s email system to communicate directly with dealers and distributors?  This feature is useful when you are uploading locations to the system but you don’t want to notify the dealers at the time of the upload.  Instead, you can send them an email with login and password when you launch the application. Here’s how you can do it: Step 1.  Under the locations tab select “email.” Step 2.  Click “Add Location” to select … Read More