Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Welcome to Bullseye Locations!

As part of our mission to help make commerce better for everyone, Bullseye Locations collect and process a lot of information. This Privacy Policy is intended to help you better understand how we collect, use and store your personal information—whether you are a subscriber or end user that uses Bullseye Locations products, applications or services (together, the “Services”), or whether you’re simply visiting this website. By using any of Bullseye Locations Services, or by dealing with a subscriber using Bullseye Locations Services, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and, as applicable, the Bullseye Locations Terms of Service.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our privacy practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will give you notice of such changes by posting the revised policy on this Website, and where appropriate, by other means. By continuing to use this Website or the Support Service after these changes are posted, you agree to the revised policy.

2. Definitions

Types of Users

The kind of information we collect, and the use of that data varies depending on the type of user you are. The type of users that use Bullseye Locations’ Services are:

Subscribers – You have an account in Bullseye Locations and may manage location data, contact requests, contacts, users of the account and other data.

Locations – Information about one or more locations that you represent has been provided either by a subscriber or through an account that you have created.

Website Visitor – Website Visitors are anonymous visitors to,, or, collectively known as our “Websites”.

Location Service Users – Location service users are end users and may interact with a search interface or lead submission form from our Services, which may be linked to or embedded on a Subscribers website.

Types of Data

The information collected by our services may contain, but is not limited to:

Contact Information – We may collect contact information such as name, email address, address, or phone number when you sign up for a trial, subscribe to a newsletter, or fill out a form on our site.

User Information – When you create a user account, we collect first name and last name, username, password and email address

Device and Browser Data – We collect information from the device and application you use to access our services.  Device data can include your IP address, operating system version, device type, and browser type.

Log Data – When you interact with our Services on third-party websites, we keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those services.  The log files contain information about content requested, IP addresses of the request, operating systems, device type and timestamps.

Location Data – Location Data includes any data about a location which may be displayed in search results.  Location data may be an individual or may contain contact information about an individual such as name, email and phone number.

If you are a Subscriber:

Billing Information – If you make a payment to Bullseye Locations, we require that you provide your billing details, including a name, email address and financial information regarding the selected method of payment . We will also require that you provide us with your billing address which we will use to verify any credit card transactions.

3. When do we collect this information?

  • We collect this information when you visit the Bullseye Locations websites, use Services offered on our websites or engage with us either by email, web form, instant message, phone, or post content on or through our websites (including via any Messaging Feature). We also collect any additional information that you might provide to us.
  • As you visit or browse the Bullseye Locations websites, we collect information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, and information about the cookies installed on your device. We also collect personal information submitted by you via any messaging feature available from any of our websites (“Messaging Feature”), like Zendesk Chat.
  • From telephone support users, we collect your phone number, and other personal information you provide us during our call. Pursuant to our Terms of Service, we may request additional documentation from you during our call to verify your identity.
  • From chat support users, we collect your name, email address, information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, chat transcript, and other personal information you provide us during our chat. Pursuant to our Terms of Service, we may request additional documentation from you during our chat to verify your identity.

4. How we use the information we collect?

Contact Information – We may use this information to verify your account, provide and enhance our services (including supporting or servicing your account, if applicable), notify you of system related events, promote new features, provide announcements.

User Information – We may use this information to provide you with access to use our services or to contact you with announcements related to the application.  If you are a location that is managed by a Subscriber or is linked to a subscriber account, the Subscriber along with users managed by the Subscriber may have access to your user information.

Device and Browser Data – We may use this information to give you access to and improve our Services; for example, to make our platform interface easier to use or to make the experience of finding locations easier.

Log Data – We may use Log Data to troubleshoot issues, to understand usage patterns, to improve our Services, to track preferences and create new services features, content or make personal recommendations to you.

Location Data – We may use Location Data to provide our services, specifically to provide information on nearest dealer, store, distributor, or location.

Billing Information – We may use this information to facilitate subscribers in making credit card payments.

Location Service Users

– In the case of Location Service Users, Bullseye is acting as a data processor.  Bullseye Locations is acting as a data controller only in limited ways.

Subscribers to our services are solely responsible for establishing policies for the benefit of Location Service Users in regard to protecting Location Data and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any and all privacy policies, agreements or other obligations, relating to the collection of personal information in connection with the use of our Services by individuals (also referred to as “data subjects”) with whom our Subscribers interact. If you are an individual who interacts with a Subscriber using our Services, then you will be directed to contact our Subscriber for assistance with any requests or questions relating to your personal information.

We collect information and process data under the direction of our Subscribers, and have no direct relationship with individuals whose personal information we process in connection with our Subscriber’s use of our Services. If you are an individual who interacts with a Subscriber using our Services (such as a customer of one of our Subscribers) and would either like to amend your contact information or no longer wish to be contacted by one of our Subscribers that use our Services, please contact the Subscriber that you interact with directly.

5. Sharing with third parties

Bullseye Locations works with a variety of third parties and service providers to help provide you with our Services and we may share personal information with them to support these efforts.

In particular, we engage third parties to:

  • facilitate customers in making credit card payments.
  • deliver and help us track our marketing and advertising content.
  • help us track website conversion success metrics.
  • manage our sales and customer support services to you.

We enter into confidentiality and data processing terms with third party partners to ensure they comply with high levels of confidentiality and best practice in privacy and security standards and we regularly review these standards and practices.

We may also share your information in the following circumstances:

  • to prevent, investigate, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our Terms of Service or any other agreement related to the Services, or as otherwise required by law.
  • to conform to legal requirements, or to respond to lawful court orders, subpoenas, warrants, or other requests by public authorities (including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements).
  • Personal information may also be shared with a company that acquires our business, whether through merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or other similar transaction or proceeding. If this happens, we will post a notice on our home page.

Bullseye Locations will always ask for your consent before sharing your personal information with third parties for purposes other than those described in this document.

6. How does Bullseye Locations treat personal data about children?

Unless otherwise indicated, Bullseye Locations is a service you’re only allowed to use if you’re over 16 years old. We only process information about children with the consent of the parents or legal guardians or when the information is provided to use by the parents or legal guardian. This incidence is very rare.

7. Information from cookies and similar tracking technologies

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small amount of data, which may include a unique identifier. Cookies are sent to your browser from a website and stored on your device. We assign a different cookie to each device that accesses our website.

Why does Bullseye Locations use cookies and similar tracking technology?

  • To gather metrics about your browsing habits. For example, we will collect data about the number of clicks it took Website Visitors to reach important content.
  • To make our site easier to use. Subscribers, and Users if you use the “Remember me next time” feature when you sign into your account, we store your username in a cookie to make it quicker for you to sign in whenever you return to Bullseye Locations.
  • To improve our services. We use cookies to measure your usage of our websites and track referral data, as well as to occasionally display different versions of content to you. This information helps us to develop and improve our services (it helps us focus on the parts of the service you seem most interested in) and optimize the content we display to you (which may include marketing content).
  • To advertise to you. We, or our service providers and other third parties we work with, place cookies when you visit our website and other websites or when you open emails that we send you, in order to provide you with more tailored marketing content (about our services or other services), and to evaluate whether this content is useful or effective. For instance, we evaluate which ads are clicked on most often, and whether those clicks lead users to make better use of our tools, features and services. If you don’t want to receive ads that are tailored to you based on your online activity, you may “opt out” of many of the companies that are involved in such tailoring by going to, or, if you’re located in the European Union, at Opting out in this way does not mean you will not receive any ads; it just means that you will not receive ads from such companies that have been tailored to you based on your activities and inferred preferences.
  • Google Analytics. In addition to the above, we have implemented on our websites and other services certain Google Analytics features. Visitors to our websites may opt out of certain types of Google Analytics tracking or download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

You can choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser settings.

8. What do we do with the information we collect when you terminate your relationship with us?

  • In general, we will continue to store archived copies of your personal information for legitimate business purposes and to comply with the law, except when we receive a valid erasure request or, if you are a subscriber, you terminate your account and your information is purged pursuant to our standard process.
  • You may also delete your location data and/or your account, and/or terminate your subscription, thereby purging your information completely and totally.
  • We will continue to store anonymous or anonymized information, such as website visits, without identifiers, in order to improve our Services.

9. What we don’t do with the information we collect

  • We do not and will never share, disclose, sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information to other companies for the marketing of their own products or services.
  • If you are a subscriber using Bullseye Locations’ Services, we do not use the personal information we collect from you or the personal information you provide regarding your locations to independently contact or market to your locations. However, Bullseye Locations may contact or market to your locations if we obtain their information from another source, such as from the locations themselves (for example, if they use Bullseye Locations Services for their own purposes).

10. How do we keep the information we collect secure?

  • We follow industry standards on information security management to safeguard sensitive information, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and any other personal information entrusted to us. Our information security systems apply to people, processes and information technology systems on a risk management basis.
  • No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

What if there’s a security incident?

If Bullseye Locations becomes aware of any unauthorized or unlawful access to, or acquisition, alteration, use, disclosure, or destruction of, personal data (“Security Incident”), Bullseye Locations will take reasonable steps to notify you without undue delay, but in any event within 72 hours of becoming aware of the Security Incident. Bullseye Locations will also reasonably cooperate with you with respect to any investigations relating to a Security Incident with preparing any required notices, and provide any other information reasonably requested by you in relation to any Security Incident, where such information is not already available to you in your account or online through updates provided by Bullseye Locations.

11. Residents of the European Economic Area (“EEA”)

Bullseye Locations works with subscribers and locations around the world, including in the EEA. If you are located in the EEA, your personal information is processed by Bullseye Locations in the United States.

If you are located in the EEA, you have certain rights under European law with respect to your personal data, including the right to request access to, correct, amend, delete, or limit the use of your personal data. If you are a Subscriber, or a Website Visitor, and wish to exercise these rights, please reach out to us using the contact information below. If you are a Location or a Location Service User, and wish to exercise these rights, please contact the Subscriber who manages the account that houses your data directly — we serve as a processor on their behalf, and can only forward your request to them to allow them to respond.

12. Control over and access to your personal information

Bullseye Locations understands that you have rights over your personal information, and takes reasonable steps to allow you to access, correct, amend, delete, port, or limit the use of your personal information. If you are a subscriber, you can update many types of personal information, such as payment or contact information, directly within your account settings. If you are unable to change your personal information within your account settings, or if you are concerned about data collected as you visit Bullseye Locations’ websites or use our support services, please contact us to make the required changes. If you are a representative of a Location and wish to exercise these rights, please contact the subscribers you interacted with directly — we serve as a processor on their behalf, and can only forward your request to them to allow them to respond. It’s important to remember that if you delete or limit the use of your personal information, the Services may not function properly.

If you have any questions about your personal information or this policy, or if you would like to make a complaint about how Bullseye Locations processes your personal data, please contact Bullseye Locations by email at, or by using the contact details below:

Residents outside of the European Economic Area:
Bullseye Locations
3121 US Hwy 22 East, Suite 301
Branchburg, NJ 08876
United States

Residents of the European Economic Area:
Bullseye Locations
3121 US Hwy 22 East, Suite 301
Branchburg, NJ 08876
United States

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