Add This Nearest Location Widget to Any Website or Mobile Site

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There are many methods for implementing the Bullseye platform into your business including website, mobile and Facebook locators, turn-key or custom solutions as well as integrations with popular systems like Salesforce. It can also be used to create widgets which have a single, valuable purpose. Today, I’m going to share how to implement a simple nearest location widget that can go in the header on your website or mobile site.

Configure Bullseye Store Locator to Work on Facebook Mobile

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There are numerous posts and articles written about the challenges app developers have had getting Facebook apps like Bullseye Locations to run on Facebook for mobile. This is a serious problem and the impact will only increase with the growing number of mobile users. In this post, we offer 2 methods for working around this limitation. There are really 2 problems. The first is that Facebook app developers typically develop apps that live inside a Facebook page only. This is … Read More

Rolling Out United Kingdom and Australian Store Locator Software

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Earlier this week, we rolled out the latest Bullseye release. In addition to some minor fixes, the Bullseye Locations software platform now includes one major new feature. Site visitors can now do radius or proximity searches along with mapping in the United Kingdom and Australia. It’s been quite a journey and we’ve learned a lot about the geography in the UK and Australia along the way. Here are some notes on our implementation. Store Locator Software for the United Kingdom … Read More

Bullseye Store Locator Service Announces New Interface with Map on Top!

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Bullseye Store Locator service has launched a new search interface that allows companies to fit a store locator into a narrow space on a web page. In addition, the interface has some added flexibility for adjusting height. Customers can also allow their locations to display coupons when they come up in the search results.

Add a WordPress Store Locator in 5 Minutes with Bullseye Locations

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With the increasing usage of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for powering full websites, we are often asked what is the easiest way to add  Bullseye as a WordPress store locator.  So we decided to put together these instructions to make it easy for anyone running WordPress. All you need is a Bullseye account, an embeddable locator interface (which you can create through Bullseye’s interface building tool) and, of course, you need WordPress. We recommend 3.2 or higher.