10 Store Locator Best Practices For Your Dealer Locator Software Integration

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Updated on June 3, 2020. Originally posted on September 10, 2015. At Bullseye, we’ve put together the below list of store locator best practices and optimization strategies for leveraging our out-of-the-box all-in-one software. Our expert marketing team is continually tweaking and updating the UI/UX of our turn-key store locator software and integrated location solutions. When it comes to the actual integration of our product into your site, you have the flexibility to customize our solutions to best work for you … Read More

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Brand Manufacturers

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Sometimes creating a new website or even rebuilding one on a new platform can be a little overwhelming. That’s why I decided to create this list of must have wordpress plugins. Hopefully these should help you get started. Must Have WordPress Plugins Akismet Askimet is an advanced spam blocking service and should be the first plugin you install for WordPress. It is a time-saver for sure as it filters out the tons of nonsense emails you will get from comments … Read More

Enhanced Event Locator Services

Bullseye LocationsFacebook Store Locator, Location Based Marketing, Mobile Store Locator, Shopify Store Locator, Store Locator, WordPress Store Locator

It’s here… the most powerful store locator on the web is now even better with integrated event marketing! Bullseye has been busy working on improvements to our Event Locator Services and we are excited to introduce the next phase of our events platform. Now you can use your store locator for event marketing. Here’s what you can look for with these system updates. Integrated Event Locator Not only can you display events within the store locator search results, you can now … Read More

10 Examples of Craft Beverage Locators To Inspire You

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Every so often we start to notice a trend in startup companies trying out Bullseye Store Locator Software for their websites. And right now that trend is with the craft beverage industry. So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your microbrewery or distillery website, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 10 examples of craft beer, wine and spirit companies using Bullseye Store Locator. Craft Beverage Website Examples Deep Eddy Deep Eddy Vodka is handcrafted in … Read More

The Power of the Brand Locator

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If you are a company that sells multiple brands or has dedicated sites for particular products, marketing can become complicated.  There is more to sell, more to market and more to track.  One thing that companies don’t want to do is make the buying process complicated for the customer.  When a product goes on the shelf, ideally the consumer is able to find the product easily, without distraction.  The branding, packaging and shelf placement should all encourage the sale. At … Read More

Using the Bullseye Web Interface for your Facebook Store Locator

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For companies who want to take advantage of the additional features that come with our web interface, an IFrame integration with a Facebook page is easy.  Some of these additional features that are not available on the Facebook interface include: Styling Options Lead Capture Landing Pages Events Here’s an example of what the web interface looks like on a Facebook page: If you’d like to get instructions on setting up our web interface on your Facebook page, check out our … Read More

Configure Bullseye Store Locator to Work on Facebook Mobile

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There are numerous posts and articles written about the challenges app developers have had getting Facebook apps like Bullseye Locations to run on Facebook for mobile. This is a serious problem and the impact will only increase with the growing number of mobile users. In this post, we offer 2 methods for working around this limitation. There are really 2 problems. The first is that Facebook app developers typically develop apps that live inside a Facebook page only. This is … Read More

Introducing Premium Facebook Store Locator!

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Great New Features available for your Facebook Store Locator! Based on feedback from hundreds of companies using our Facebook store locator, we have just released a premium version of Bullseye for Facebook. The new premium edition includes great new features such as: Display images for locations (square image currently supported) Show contact name and position Include store hours in search results Include custom fields for additional data Show a custom map icon Display location’s email address