The Power of the Brand Locator

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If you are a company that sells multiple brands or has dedicated sites for particular products, marketing can become complicated.  There is more to sell, more to market and more to track.  One thing that companies don’t want to do is make the buying process complicated for the customer.  When a product goes on the shelf, ideally the consumer is able to find the product easily, without distraction.  The branding, packaging and shelf placement should all encourage the sale.

At Bullseye Locations, we believe your brand locator should reflect this simplicity as well.  In the age of constant distraction by mobile devices, media and more, keeping the customers on the hook is a challenge.  Fortunately, Bullseye has a solution that makes things easy for your customers.  And we make things easy for marketers too.



By implementing a brand locator with a web premium subscription, you can manage multiple brand locators in a single account.  No more manual product selection for the user.  You can set up a brand as a category, then assign a search interface to that category, so users automatically get locations that are assigned to that brand.  Users can arrive at the page, have their city/state detected and have locations displayed automatically.  How easy is that?

Here’s How The Brand Locator Works

To assign a category to a brand locator, login to the admin and select the Interfaces link on the left.  In the list of interfaces, select edit on the interface you want to assign the category to.  Under General select “Limit Search Categories” as in the example below:



You’ll get a list of the categories.  Simply check off the categories and save.

For marketers, it is easy to have a single login to maintain locations and get reports instead of managing multiple accounts.  If you have separate Facebook pages for each brand, you can embed each interface into an IFrame so that locations returned will correspond to your Facebook page (for details view this article)

Just One Report For All Brands


Use the Searches by Categories report to see how many searches you get for each brand.


For more questions about Brand Locators, contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463.

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