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“By using Bullseye to target emails just to members within a distance of the event, we’ve been able to increase the relevance of our email marketing and get more people to events.”Joe Volgey, VP of Marketing at Gaspari Nutrition

“They were able to work with me to customize a connection with our Salesforce CRM and their locator system. I was able to customize the design and request small adjustments with ease.”Kate Brown, CRM Administrator, Crane Composites

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Bullseye Locations is the leader in integrated location solutions and turn-key store locator software,  dealer locator software and store finder software. With top rated customer support, a robust feature set, an easy-to-use back-end interface, and a comprehensive API, Bullseye Locations offers location marketers all the tools they need to create and manage location marketing campaigns anywhere… including web, email, social, mobile and more.