Introducing Enhanced Store Locator Software Reporting!

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Bullseye Locations just released some great reporting features in our store locator software!  The new reporting enhancements allow greater tracking of store locator statistics and engagement metrics.  We’ve given a few demos of our reporting to unanimous enthusiastic response.  Here’s a preview of what our new store locator software reporting has to offer, with detailed documentation to follow shortly.

Improved Performance

You will notice that our reports run more quickly now.  A nightly process runs that takes the data from the preceding day and processes it for the following day.  Although some data will be visible one day later, this enables you to run your reports much more quickly.

Better Filtering

We now have superior filtering which really lets you zero in on your data.  You can use and/or conditions and search alphabetically for data under any column header.  This screenshot shows the ability to search by an individual location name under the Location Name column:


More Convenient Report Customization

Now you can drag report columns into the position you prefer. This makes the reports much easier to view.  You can also customize the report to display only the columns you need. Save the reports you customize for easy referral in the future.

Improved Analytics Capabilities

Our enhanced analytics let you analyze data from varied dimensions.  This gives you a more thorough perspective on your data.  Dimensions lets you modify your Searches by Locations report to show search statistics by search interface, category, or source.  In the example below, we can see how many times the location Jaeger Lumber has been viewed in the search results for 2 separate search interfaces:


International Geographic Reporting

Now Bullseye has more detailed geographic reporting for Austria, Canada, Columbia, Germany, and Switzerland.  You can track searches on the State and Postal Code level for these countries. We have a shaded map to show the volume of searches by country.  You can even filter down by interface and source:


If you would like a demo of our new reports, contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463.