Introducing New Mapping Features

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Check out the cool new mapping features from our latest Bullseye release. And good news – they both work with Google Maps and Mapbox mapping. So read on and give them a try.

Full-Screen Map

For designers looking for a more interesting graphical display of locations, we now have a Map Only or “Full-Screen Map” template option. This new option provides an easy way to give your store locator a quick aesthetic update – you still get the same search functionality, with a simpler, more graphic option for displaying your businesses locations without a list. For an even more specialized look, customize your map to match your brand using Snazzy Maps. Check out our Knowledge Base for great tips on Setting Up a Custom Google Map in Bullseye with Snazzy Maps

Learn how to Add a Map Only “Full-Screen Map” Interface in our Knowledge Base.

Display All

Bullseye’s new “Display All” interface options provide a little extra wow factor for companies that want to show off their national or global coverage.  This option lets users see all your locations when they arrive at the map. This comes in handy if you have sparse coverage and prefer not to let users see a few or no locations in their local area.  Now you can communicate that you have coverage by letting them see a national map with dispersed map icons.