Easily Visualize Territory Hierarchies With Bullseye

Joshua Rich, President & CEOLocation Based Marketing, Platform, Store Locator

Bullseye President and CEO Joshua Rich outlines a powerful Bullseye feature – territory mapping and visualizations. Check out the short video below for more details! Video Transcript If you’re a marketer struggling with managing sales territory information, and you’re looking for a way to display territories on a map, let me tell you about a new Bullseye feature that will make you the hero of your sales and marketing department. Many companies are still managing territories with a spreadsheet. The … Read More

International Store Locators

Bullseye LocationsDealer Locator Software, Platform, Store Locator

Bullseye has a host of features that support multi-country store locators. If you are an international organization with multiple worldwide branches, or a small manufacturer who sells products in only a few countries, Bullseye has a solution for you. Here is how we can help you with your international store locator. Bullseye’s International Store Locator Support Radius Support for over 40 Countries Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Montenegro have recently been added to our list of countries that include radius search … Read More

All New! Create Lead Capture Forms Within Interface Builder

Bullseye LocationsDealer Locator Software, Lead Manager, Local Landing Pages, Location Based Marketing, Platform, Store Locator

We have exciting news! With a lead manager subscription you will now be able to build your own custom lead capture forms using our out-of-the-box form builder.  You can use this custom lead form to integrate into your store locator lead capture, or you can use it to create stand-alone lead forms that will automatically be routed to a dealer based on lead routing configuration. How Lead Capture Forms Work  1. Create A New Form To set up configurable forms … Read More