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About the Bullseye Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

This new plugin for WordPress can be set up in minutes and provides easy-to-use tools for generating and configuring store locator pages and stand-alone store locator interfaces.

It’s a cloud-based WordPress plugin, with automatic updates and no additional add-on costs.

The Bullseye Plugin for WordPress connects directly with your Bullseye Locations account allowing you to store and manage all location data centrally in the cloud. Store and Dealer search functionality can be added via a simple shortcode and location results are delivered to your WordPress site via our high speed API connection.

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WP Store Locator Plugin Standard Features

  • Automatic search based on IP lookup
  • Fully customizable design
  • Responsive mobile friendly design
  • Configurable search rules
  • Import and export data easily
  • Display store hours
  • Show store thumbnail
  • Customizable map pinpoints
  • Allow location login for managing content
  • Full suite of reporting and analytics
  • Includes Facebook and web interface builder
  • Unlimited categories

WP Store Locator Plugin Premium Features

(Comes with Web Premium)

  • Full API access
  • Territory search configuration
  • SEO optimized local landing pages
  • Coupon publishing
  • Event management
  • Blog integration

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