11 Best Practices For Lead Follow-Up at Virtual Trade Shows

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In response to the pandemic and need for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many exhibitors have moved from live to virtual trade shows. At live trade shows, a lack of proper lead follow-up has resulted in lost sales. This may become even more of a problem as virtual trade shows are new to manufacturers and result in different tactics needed for follow-up. To convert leads into customers, it is thus important to communicate best practices on lead … Read More

8 Best Practices For Lead Generation Landing Pages in 2020

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At-a-Glance: Following lead generation landing page best practices is an effective way to target your core client demographic and increase your qualified leads. By tailoring individual pages on your website to each of your product offerings, you can include highly relevant and influential information to drive conversions and sales. Read on to learn more about lead generation landing pages, including our top content, design, SEO, and analytics best practices. Preface: Successful lead generation is an essential part of any business, … Read More

10 Store Locator Best Practices For Your Dealer Locator Software Integration

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Updated on June 3, 2020. Originally posted on September 10, 2015. At Bullseye, we’ve put together the below list of store locator best practices and optimization strategies for leveraging our out-of-the-box all-in-one software. Our expert marketing team is continually tweaking and updating the UI/UX of our turn-key store locator software and integrated location solutions. When it comes to the actual integration of our product into your site, you have the flexibility to customize our solutions to best work for you … Read More

Lead Generation & Follow-Up Strategies for Building Supply Manufacturers & Dealers

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Across the world, building materials manufacturers and dealers are navigating uncharted territory during this COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges and problems abound, and there’s immense pressure for businesses within the construction and building materials industry to deliver solutions yesterday for generating leads and traffic, tailoring follow-up communications to a socially distant world, and increasing consumer confidence to spend. Whether mandatory or voluntary, unprecedented social distancing and work-from-home policies are now in play, and a building products and construction supply company has no … Read More

Coronavirus & Changing Store Hours

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Now more than ever, shoppers need accurate, up-to-date information. Across the nation, store hours are changing. Retailers like Apple, Nike, and Nordstrom have closed their doors temporarily due to coronavirus concerns. Grocers like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Wegmans, and Albertsons have shortened hours to safeguard customers and staff by disinfecting and restocking food and other essentials. With people over 60 at increased risk of developing severe COVID 19 symptoms, chains like Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Target, and Safeway are now … Read More

7 Reasons Your Manufacturing Website Needs Partner Directory Software

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Partner Directories are growing in popularity. You’ve seen them on technology company websites for several years. Now you are seeing them start to appear on manufacturing websites. Manufacturers use partner directory software to highlight their partners and their partner’s work, and even to co-publish content with their partners. They come in diverse shapes and forms–contractor directories, installer directories, service locators, and more. Some are simple search engines that provide addresses and phone numbers. Many support photos, PDFs, and video content. … Read More

3 Ways to Use Dealer Locator Technology to Engage Dealers

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Why use dealer locator technology? Indirect sales high and growing Indirect sales channels are important contributors to revenue and are increasing in importance. Presently, over 75% of world trade flows through indirect sales(World Trade Organization). 97% of B2B sales and customer service execs say indirect sales channel are central to their business(Accenture B2B Customer Experience Report, 2017). Using indirect sales channels, growing companies can scale revenue via partners quicker and more efficiently than direct sales. They can tap into new … Read More

4 Ways to Optimize Lead Capture on Your Dealer Locator

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Dealer locators are an ideal source of qualified leads. Customers who go to the dealer locator are interested in the products and are ready to buy. However, many marketers do not use a lead form on the dealer locator to properly capture and nurture these leads at this critical step, and it is a missed conversion and revenue opportunity. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase qualified leads and conversions. 74% of marketers say converting leads to conversions is … Read More

Introducing New Mapping Features

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Check out the cool new mapping features from our latest Bullseye release. And good news – they both work with Google Maps and Mapbox mapping. So read on and give them a try. Full-Screen Map For designers looking for a more interesting graphical display of locations, we now have a Map Only or “Full-Screen Map” template option. This new option provides an easy way to give your store locator a quick aesthetic update – you still get the same search functionality, … Read More

2018 Bullseye Store Locator Features Recap

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As 2019 gets underway, we wanted to recap some of the new features in Bullseye’s store locator software that you might have missed! Follow the links to our Knowledge Base and Blog for more information about these exciting new features. Reinvented Reporting New reporting enhancements allow greater tracking of store locator statistics and engagement metrics. Our reports run faster now, and provide better filtering, customization, and analytic options. Location Groups Our Location Groups feature allows you to create users that … Read More