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Simple to use and easy to set up, Bullseye offers turnkey store & dealer locator features that seamlessly integrate with all well known content management systems and 3rd party apps in order to match the look and feel of your existing website across desktop and mobile views. Standard and premium locator features listed further below. Choose from four locator template styles that embed via iFrame or using our turn-key headers and footers technology. See client locator examples at the bottom of this page including a retailer locator, contractor locator, distributor locator, consultant locator, event locator, and custom locator. You can also learn more about Bullseye Core, our all-in-one locator management platform.

Locator Templates

Side Map Locator Template

Side Map Store Locator Software

Map Only Locator Template

Map Only Store Locator Software

Top Map Locator Template

Top Map Store Locator Software

List Only Locator Template

List Only Store Locator Software
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Standard Locator Features

Automatic Search

Enhance your visitor’s experience by pre-populating nearest search results based on IP address or GPS. No need to type in location information.

Works Internationally

Radius search supported in over 40 countries including US, CA, UK, AU, MX, FR, DE, IN, SA, NL. Territory search supported for US, Canada, Germany, Austria and Colombia. Other countries are country wide. Radius and Territory support are expanding weekly. For a current list of supported countries click here.

Sophisticated Geo-Coding

Bullseye uses multiple geocoders to automatically geocode on upload or on location entry and provides manual override to allow fine-tuning of geocodes.

Import and Export Data Easily

Supports multiple data input options including .csv upload, single record entry, and batch XML import for integration with 3rd party systems.

Configure Search Rules

Fully configurable rules engine allows you to configure search results by distance, preferred location, or random. You can also include internet locations at top or bottom of results.

Powerful Search Filtering

Add categories, products and nested subcategories to give users powerful tools for filtering search choices.

Fully Customizable Design

Create a design that matches your branding. Our easy-to-use interface builder lets you create multiple interfaces and customize specific elements including font, colors, navigation or override with your own CSS. See locator examples at the bottom of this page.

Integrates with any CMS

Bullseye’s interfaces are easily integrated with other platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, Magento, and more.

Mobile-Responsive Locator

Bullseye’s embeddable iFrame interfaces are built with a ready-to-use responsive design out-of-the-box. Rest assured knowing that both desktop and mobile users can easily find nearby locations.

Multiple Integration Options

Integrate Bullseye with your website through easy-to-add iFrame/javascript code or use our custom headers and footers to create a stand-alone locator with your branding and navigation elements. Alternatively, create a form on another site which posts to a URL and automatically displays results. Read More…

Customizable Mapping

Customize your mapping features and display. Choose between Google Maps and Mapbox to configure your radius search, filtering options, and add a custom map pin/marker.

Custom Result Displays

Customize your search results to show location standard hours, holiday and special hours, location photo/logo, contact information, website links, and more.

Reporting and Analytics

See which locations are most searched. View overall searches by day, by location or source. Bullseye’s powerful reporting/analytics suite lets you make sure you are getting the most from your locator.

Web Crawler Protection

Prevent competitors from harvesting your distributor list. Our IP security filter allows you to limit searches based on IP address.

Allow Locations to Administer Content

Save time and keep data fresh. Bullseye’s location-based user manager allows you to give access to individual location users so they can log-in and update their own content, photos, etc.

Premium Locator Features

Custom Fields and Attributes

Display location specific content with unlimited custom fields. Allows for checkbox, drop-down, boolean, text, memo, date, URL, and more data types.

Allow Search by Territory

Supports search by territory for companies with region-based sales organizations. Create territories using postal codes, states, cities, counties, countries, or even postal code prefixes.

Integrated Lead Manager

Turn searches into hot leads with our built-in lead capture and lead routing capabilities. Capture contact requests then automatically notify dealers via email. Track leads through lead management features. Read More…

Create and Publish Coupons and Offers

Create and automatically publish coupons to search results. Coupons can be displayed based on date or location. Allow location users to administer location information. Read More…

Robust API

Bullseye’s comprehensive REST API provides powerful tools for integration and customization of your dealer/store locator. Create custom workflows, synchronize data with 3rd party systems, create custom lead forms. All this and more can be done with the Bullseye API. For more information visit

Multi-Media and Social Integration

Include logos, multiple photos, thumbnails and social media links for Facebook, Google +, Linked-in, and Pinterest with each location.

Bullseye Reviews

Enable, display, and manage Bullseye-native location reviews right on your store locator and location landing pages. Providing this data builds credibility and engages potential customers.

Google Analytics Integration

Send data from Bullseye reports to your Google Analytics account to track all your website metrics in one place. Data passed includes search, results, and click metrics.

Create and Promote Location Events

Create and automatically publish events to search results. Easily add an event for a location. Include description, photos, links to social media and even integrate with 3rd party even registration. Read More…

Location Landing Pages

Bullseye lets you create stand-alone or embeddable location landing pages that are optimized for SEO. Include name, meta information, multiple photos, hours, social links and many more. Read More…

Salesforce Integration

Looking to automate synchronization of location data between your Salesforce account and Bullseye? Our integration template can be configured to automatically grab SF data and publish it to Bullseye. For more information view our SF Integration Page. Read More…

Client Locator Examples

Weaver Leather Retailer Locator
Weaver Leather

Retailer Locator

LG HVAC Contractor Locator

Contractor Locator

Sales Xceleration Consultant Locator
Sales Xceleration

Consultant Locator

Sashco Custom Locator

Custom Locator

Bimba store locator screenshot

Distributor Locator

Books a Million Event Locator
Books A Million

Event Locator

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