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Our mobile store locator software uses javascript to detect a visitors browser and automatically redirects to the mobile interface. It will even work with your existing store locator!

Visitors can search “nearby” which uses the location based services built into the phone to lookup locations automatically. Visitors can also override the nearby search and enter postal code or city/state combination.  Setting up is easy. Create an account, upload locations and then use our simple interface builder to configure your search and generate the javascript to place on your page. And as always, our awesome support team is available to help via chat, email or phone.

“We have a very specialized need for our marketing programs that requires our locator search page to be displayed selectively to certain members. As our loyalty marketing programs expand, Bullseye Locations works closely with us to provide a custom locator that evolves with our growth.”

Ed Puckhaber, Owner of Thanks Again

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Mobile Store Locator Features

Use GPS with fallback to IP detection to perform automatic search
Easy-to-read mobile formatted display
Results displayed in scrolling list
Links to mobile formatted location pages with map
Link to driving directions
Control sort by distance, preferred location, or random
Support for location types or product categories
Configure search by radius or territory matches
Works with international locations
Includes reporting, user management, dashboard and more…