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Connecting IVR Callers to Your Nearest Store, Dealer, Agent, or Service Location

Bullseye Locations’ integrated IVR app is an easy-to-implement app for your IVR system that allows callers to find the nearest store, dealer, agent, or service center location. We’ve partnered with Genesys to develop an integration solution for the Genesys PureCloud environment. You can find us on the Genesys AppFoundry to start your free 30-day trial. Listen to a demo of an IVR implementation for Vitamin Shoppe below.

Business Benefits

Drive foot traffic to stores – Customers are instantly connected with stores near them, simplifying the decision-making process and driving in-person, in-store visits.

Satisfy customers – Customers are connected with up-to-date information like hours, address and phone number on demand – anytime they need it.

Save time and money – Bullseye Store Locator for Genesys PureCloud automates the task of connecting customers with nearby stores, so support agents can focus on other issues – like making sales.

How Does the IVR Store Locator Work?

How Bullseye and Genesys IVR store locator app works

The Self-Service Call Experience

Drive Customers to Retail Locations.

Providing easy access to nearby locations, store hours, and other store information is key to turning potential customers into foot traffic. Adding nearest location search to your self-service call solution offers an additional channel for users to get this critical information.

Text Forwarding.

Make it easy for callers to remember locations and get driving directions with the optional text forwarding feature.

Great Caller Experience.

Users simply enter or speak their zip code into the phone and Bullseye’s powerful technology finds the nearest locations and reads them back to the user as speech. Easy-to-follow voice prompts guide the user to hear more locations, listen to store hours, search again, and more!

Automate Data Synchronization.

Bullseye offers a variety of tools for synchronizing data between 3rd party systems. Setup a custom XML integration or .csv file, or leverage our configurable Salesforce integration. The Bullseye team will work with you to understand your needs and help you setup a process that is cost effective, saves time, and improves the accuracy of the location data.

Great Support Team.

Bullseye’s responsive support team will be there when you need assistance. From onboarding configuration to ongoing application support our team is available by phone, chat, and email.

Improve Customer Experience.

With Bullseye Locations integrated into your Genesys Self-Service call solution, callers can quickly and easily get important information for nearby stores, dealers, agents, and service locations right from their mobile or wired phone.

Call Transfer.

Configure your Genesys Self-Service call solution to allow users to transfer calls directly to a service center, agent, or location.

Cloud-Based Location CMS.

Bullseye’s comprehensive cloud-based app provides the tools you need to manage your location content. From geo-codes to business and holiday hours, it has never been easier to manage and update your store or dealer locator. Easy-to-use import templates make bulk updates a breeze.

Easy to Implement.

Bullseye Locations comes with everything you need to be up and running quickly and with minimal configuration. Use the provided workflow template out-of-the box or as a starting point to customize your requirements.

IVR Store Locator Key Features

  • Use voice or keypad to enter postal code
  • Includes store hours, including special or holiday hours
  • Custom greetings and prompts
  • Multilingual support
  • Call locations directly from the app
  • Text forwarding with driving directions
  • Support for multiple voice libraries or custom recordings

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