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Struggling to find the perfect custom store locator or dealer locator and tired of the one-size fits all approach? Bullseye’s REST API may be the answer. Combined with our seasoned-process driven staff of designers and developers, we can work with you to design and implement a solution that is as unique as your brand. Start with an existing interface and customize or build a solution entirely from scratch all with the power of Bullseye Locations.

Accordion Layout

screenshot of locator with accordion layout

Reduce space, maintain usability

This interface minimizes space around the locator yet still maintains a two-page workflow that your user can easily navigate. Search fields appear on the first page while results appear on the next.

A two-page layout is a good fit when you have a small area on your site for the locator.

Large Map

example of a large custom map

Single-page map search with mobile optimization

This interface features a large, interactive map with cooresponding results to the right. Search results can be filtered by category or collapsed when not needed. Since the map is very large, it is paired with a mobile optimized version which utilizes a simple, 3-step layout.

The large map interface has a high level of interactivity and visual appeal.

Expandable Tabs

expandable tabs locator screenshot

Two searches, one interface

This interface allows the user to easily switch between two different searches. The search results display directly beneath the search with paging for more results.

Expandable tabbing interface would best suit a locator that has multiple searches.

List Format with Details

screnshot of a locator with a list format

Keep it simple, yet don’t spare the details

This interface is very traditional displaying the search on top of the results on one page. Clicking on a location then shows more details. Details can include contact information, hours of operation, category information or any other data you provide.

This list format with details is a good match if you have a lot of information for each location.

Plus Many, Many More Options…

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Custom Store Locator Expert Designers

The Bullseye design team is ready to make your project a success. Guided by a proven methodology and armed with hundreds of custom implementations, we are uniquely qualified to help you design a successful custom store or dealer locator. Our design team will work with you to identify your needs and can offer ideas and suggestions based on experience from prior implementations, best practices, and working knowledge of the latest UI coding. We can create custom workflows and custom graphics and interactivity.

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