Bullseye Store Locator Integration

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Bullseye comes with easy-to-implement tools for integrating a store or dealer locator into your site or CMS. It works with virtually every CMS including WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, and more. Connect your CRM, CMS, or application with Bullseye and leverage the full power of location data. Bullseye’s API has already been used to integrate with several well known 3rd party hosted applications.

“I feel comfortable working with Bullseye Locations because they are accessible and spend time with me in person. As a non-technical person, I appreciate that I don’t need to have a programmer’s understanding to run our dealer locator.”
Justin Moran, Sales Director at Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel

Content Management Systems

WordPress logo


Native Integration

Easily manage interfaces and location data through the Bullseye Store Locator plugin for WordPress. The plugin is designed to inherit your WordPress theme styles and generate locator shortcodes for use across your WordPress website.

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Easily add a Bullseye store locator module with mapping to your Drupal-powered website with an automatically generated iFrame code.

Wix logo


Easily add a responsive Bullseye locator to your Wix site. Just copy our automatically generated iFrame code and paste it as an embeddable custom code snippet.

Shopify logo


Native Integration

Use your Shopify ecommerce site to drive brick and mortar store traffic with the Bullseye Store Locator app for Shopify. With fully customizable features and bulk import options, a robust locator can be added to your site in a matter of minutes.

Joomla logo


Add a fully branded and configurable Bullseye store locator to your Joomla site with our automatically generated iFrame code.

Magento logo


Build your store locator in Bullseye’s cloud platform and easily add it to your Magento site by pasting our generated iFrame code into your site’s content section.

Facebook logo


Native Integration

Add a store locator to your Facebook page with the Bullseye Store Locator app for Facebook and give fans a way to find where to get your product. Manage your locations and configure your locator features from the Bullseye cloud platform.

Squarespace logo


Adding a Bullseye locator to your Squarespace site is easy – simply create a Code content block and copy in our automatically generated iFrame code.

… and more!

With Bullseye’s automatically generated iFrame code, you can easily embed your Bullseye locator into virtually any platform with a simple copy and paste.

Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce logo


Synchronize your Salesforce account data with dealer locator software locations in Bullseye. Runs automatically as a daily process to deliver accurate and up-to-date information to your customers.

Hubspot logo


Integrate your HubSpot CRM data with your Bullseye account data to seamlessly update and maintain location and lead data across both platforms.

ActiveCampaign logo


Easily synchronize your ActiveCampaign email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation data with your Bullseye data.

Email Marketing

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Integrate your Mailchimp email marketing campaign with Bullseye’s robust lead generation and management platform. Collect leads from your locator or standalone form and seamlessly synchronize this data with your Mailchimp account.

Interactive Voice Response

Genesys logo


Bullseye’s self-service call solution with Genesys provides nearest store/dealer lookups to call-in customers. Callers speak or enter their zip and get voice responses with nearest dealer, store hours, directions via text, or call routing options.

Other Applications

RevBase logo


Integrate Bullseye leads collection with RevBase’s digital asset management tool for technical and sales literature.

Zapier logo


Capture and route leads from Wufoo, Formstack, and more via the Zapier Integration.

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