User Manager

Take Control of User Access with Role-Based Permissions and Location Assignments

Bullseye’s User Management is a flexible role-based module that gives you total control over who has access to what information. With the User Manager, you can set permissions (add, edit, delete) at the individual field level. Create a view only role. Create a role that can update only store hours. Almost any configuration is possible.

In addition, each individual user can be assigned to specific locations. These location assignments can be done by category, territory, location groups or for the greatest level of granularity on an ad hoc basis. Reports, dashboards all data is then filtered based on the assigned locations.


  • Create custom roles for user groups, departments or anyone managing data
  • Configure add, edit, or delete permissions by module or at a field by field level
  • Control user access to locations by group, territory, category or ad hoc
  • Invite users to the system individually or in batch using the user import tools
  • Monitor user invitation and easily sent invitation reminders
  • Export to .csv allows you to manage users offline
  • User activation webhook supports automation of updates with 3rd party systems