Bullseye Locator Platform Core

The Ultimate All–In–One Locator Management Platform

Provided as a cloud-based hosted service, the Bullseye locator platform Core combines a robust set of features with the flexibility and scalability to support centralized locator data management and multiple integrations. Bullseye locator platform comes ready to go with a full suite of back-end management tools and a variety of out-of-the-box features and templates. Bullseye’s web service layer allows brands to implement locators across multiple interfaces and integrate locator-based search features into 3rd-party applications.

diagram of bullseye store locator app platform

Bullseye Locator Platform Core Features

Manage Locations

manage locations screen

Manage locations individually or through batch upload. Integrated email lets you connect with location contacts. Supports international address formats.

Configure Routing and Search Rules

Configure Routing and Search Rules screen

Supports US, CA postal/zip code searches. Support for US, CA and international territory searches. Configurable sorting rules for distance, preferred locations and online vs. offline locations.

Customizable Out-Of-The-Box Interface

Customizable Out-Of-The-Box Interface screen

Add headers and footers to match your site. Incorporate your CSS files. Configure result display including order of data displayed. Configure search options.

Manage Leads

manage leads screen

Capture and route leads based on location. Configure routing rules based on distance or territory. Automated email system provides branded request confirmation. Monitor follow up on leads.

Custom Attributes

custom attributes screen

Create an unlimited number of associated data fields. Works for both locations and leads. Support for text, numeric, radio, checkbox and date attribute types.


categories screen

Organize and allow locations to be searched by category. Supports unlimited categories. Support for unlimited nested categories.

Reporting Engine

reporting engine screen

View searches by geography. View searches by location. View searches by IP Address.

User Manager

user manager screen

Create and administer multiple account levels. Configure optional dealer login functionality.

Territory Manager

territory manager screen

Setup US, CA territories by state, county or zip. Setup international country territories.