Lead Manager

Turn Store Searches Into Leads

The Bullseye Locations lead management software module is an easy to implement lead capture and routing mechanism that is perfect for manufacturers, retailers, insurance companies, financial advisers, and other companies with a distributed sales force.

Bullseye’s lead manager allows brands and manufacturers to get inquiries and requests quickly into the hands of the individual dealer, location, or distributor for faster follow-up and higher sales conversion.

The hosted lead management application and back-end provides a robust set of easy-to-use lead management tools for customizing workflow, configuring emails, monitoring leads and reporting.

“The first four months of the Bullseye Lead Manager program has yielded $250,000 in verifiable sales.”

Greg Owens, Former Webmaster/Creative Production Coordinator, Quincy Compressor
Lead Manager

Lead Management Software Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with Bullseye’s dealer locator software using a built-in contact form.
  • Fully configure and customize email templates including text, branding and merge fields.
  • Integrate stand-alone lead forms that automatically assign locations via Zapier or our REST API.
  • Automatically sends a customizable confirmation to the lead and sends a “you’ve got leads” email to the dealer or location.
  • Provide dealers with account access to log in, retrieve leads, update lead status, manage location information and view dashboard reports.
  • Built-in notification lets you know when leads are not assigned and lets you create manual assignments.
  • Customize routing of leads based on radius, territory, categories, products, responsiveness, and many more options.
  • Full reporting suite lets you manage and track leads by source, category geography, response status, response time, etc.

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