WordPress Feature Comparison

Whether you are looking for a simple, easy to operate store locator or a fully customizable feature rich lead manager for your WordPress site, Bullseye’s WordPress Store Locator offers a great selection of features that are sure to meet your business needs.

Feature Wordpress Pro Sign-Up Wordpress Premium Sign-Up
Monthly price prepaid annually $39/month $150/month*
Monhtly subscription $45/month $150/month*
Number of locations Unlimited Unlimited
Number of accounts 1 1
Number of monthly searches 10,000 10,000
Standalone interface builder with map
Works internationally
Sophisticated geo-coding
Import and export data easily
Configure search rules
Automatic search
Embeddable interface builder with Google map
Fully customizable design
Responsive mobile-friendly design
Integrates easily with any CMS
Mobile store locator with mobile detection
Powerful search filtering
Customizable mapping (including pin point)
Customize result display
Display contact information
Display store hours
Number of categories Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple integration options
Reporting and analytics
Web crawler protection
Allow locations to administer content
Premium Facebook locator
Wordpress interface builder
Custom fields and attributes  
Multimedia and social integration  
Allow search by territory  
Integrated lead manager   Add on*
Create and publish promotions  
Create and manage events  
SEO optimized location landing pages  
Robust REST API  
Salesforce integration   Add on*
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