The Cyphers Agency

Branding Agency’s Clients Benefit from Reliable, Stress-Free Store Locator Software

Bullseye’s ongoing collaborations with The Cyphers Agency leverage locator-based marketing tools, custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs.

The Problem

The Cyphers Agencydownload a case study serves a diverse mix of consumer and B2B clients, delivering creative brand communications with a strong focus on integration. To keep their clients happy, agencies like Cyphers depend on reliable relationships with vendors like us to deliver value-added solutions.

When The Cyphers Agency first approached Bullseye on behalf of a client, they’d already been disappointed with several store locators they’d tried. “Early on,” Cyphers Agency Founder and President David Cyphers told us, “We tried some free versions that didn’t work well. We realized you get what you pay for, and that we were going to have to get a real solution.”

That initial Cyphers client serves solar energy consumers, with customer privacy being a strong concern. They wanted to use Bullseye store locator software in a novel way—to provide social proof to inspire trust among potential customers. First, they would display their high density of completed installations in a prospective customer’s immediate area. Then, their software needed to deliver this information, without compromising their current customers’ privacy—a functionality the agency couldn’t find anywhere else.

“Once we found Bullseye Locations Software, we have stuck with them and really have no need to go anywhere else…I would recommend Bullseye to anyone”Dave Cyphers, President, The Cyphers Agency

The Solution

To solve that very first challenge for a Cyphers Agency client, we designed a custom store locator software solution that would show the concentration of customers by location, and allow them to be contacted. To address privacy and security concerns, we also designed the interface to hide the homeowners’ names and addresses. We successfully implemented this solution, and as a result, we’ve partnered with The Cyphers Agency on their clients’ projects ever since.

When asked why the agency continues to bring their locator business to Bullseye, David Cyphers told us that it came down to customization, great value, and especially strong support. “It still comes back to the personal contact, being able to get on the phone with Tom and talk it out,” said Mr. Cyphers.

Since our relationship began, we’ve been asked to collaborate on other, equally complex projects with The Cyphers Agency. A great example of Bullseye’s marketing and branding potential is our work for Cyphers’ client, Homefix Custom Remodeling. Using the Bullseye platform as their backend, Homefix launched their own branded marketing tool: The Happy Customer Counter. Their custom configuration employs our location finder software as a search tool, empowering prospective customers to find nearby homes that Homefix has remodeled, while protecting the homeowners’ identities.

With our expert support team and flexible API, we’ve been able to bring the Cyphers Agency’s creative ideas to life, while sparing them countless headaches. Mr. Cyphers had this to say, “We know who to go to. When we need this type of database and mapping, it’s been the easiest one to use and the right solution.”

Why location-based marketing drives sales.


of buyers pre-research their buys online before making a purchase. (eCommerce Foundation, 2017)


of consumers research online before buying offline or vice versa. (Google and IPSOS)


of near-me searchers visit a business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. (Google)

Key Benefits

A Stress-Free Experience

For agencies, their clients, and their clients’ agents and customers, a hassle-free locator experience is essential. Users only think about locator software when something goes wrong, so the best endorsement is when our solution goes completely unnoticed. 

We make our agency partners look good by never getting in the way of their client relationships. “Bullseye works well, so they take it for granted, and don’t really appreciate what goes into it,” said Cyphers Agency President, David Cyphers.

Creative Customization

When our clients and partners come up with unique ways to leverage our capabilities, we’re excited to collaborate on innovative, custom solutions. 

When Cyphers client Homefix Custom Remodeling needed a locator that showed specific customers by location to their sales people, but suppressed the information online, Mr. Cyphers said, “That was complicated, and you guys made it easy.”

Responsive and Proactive Support

The Cyphers Agency cited Bullseye’s live-person support as a key differentiator. “We had that complicated issue up front,” said Mr. Cyphers, “and if we couldn’t have that conversation and customization, it would have been a problem.” 

Mr. Cyphers also mentioned our team’s proactiveness as a key benefit. “When Google changed their API to a payment model, you gave us a quick heads up on that before it became an issue,” he said.

Excellent Value

The Cyphers Agency explored locator solutions that ranged from free to ultra-premium, and found that Bullseye provided the best value.

Mr. Cyphers stated, “There are solutions all over the map in terms of price—this is very reasonable for the support we’re getting.”

Learn More About Bullseye

Bullseye’s built-in flexibility makes it easy to develop creative marketing concepts like Homefix’s Happy Customer Counter—and our responsive support team makes the process stress-free. We welcome collaborative partnerships with agencies and in-house marketing teams.

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