Thanks Again

iPhone App

The Challenge

Thanks Again is a growing loyalty rewards provider that offers consumers premium rewards for using their registered credit cards at participating local businesses. Thanks Again uses a custom, integrated Bullseye web locator to provide subscribers with localized information on over 25,000 merchants.

Through a recent expansion into airports throughout the US and Canada, Thanks Again enrolled several thousand new merchants at airport locations, and was under pressure to promote these businesses to the consumer base. The challenge, however, was that travelers frequently do not have easy web access. Thanks Again determined that the best way to reach their customers was through a mobile app that could automatically identify the subscriber’s current location and then connect them with merchants within that airport.

Thanks Again App

screenshot of thanks again mobile app airport list
screenshot of thanks again mobile app map view

The solution

Thanks Again turned to their trusted technology partner, Bullseye Locations and their mobile store locator software API, to develop a proprietary iPhone app built upon the same data and underlying technology that supports their already successful web interface. Leveraging the existing Bullseye platform eliminated the need for duplicate data entry and maintenance, and doubled their return on the technology investment already made. Plus, Thanks Again had complete confidence in the Bullseye team based on the quality of their previous work and the outstanding level of service that went with it. According to Ed Puckhaber, Founder and CEO of Thanks Again, “Bullseye Locations works closely with us to provide a custom locator that evolves with our growth.”

The Bullseye team created a robust REST API to access the existing data and power the new mobile app. Bullseye Locations then designed the new app’s graphics and user interface, built the application in objective C, and assisted Thanks Again through the entire App Store approval process.

We have a very specialized need for our marketing programs that requires our locator search page to be displayed selectively to certain members. As our loyalty marketing programs expand, Bullseye Locations works closely with us to provide a custom locator that evolves with our growth.

Ed Puckhaber, Owner of Thanks Again

The Result

The fully integrated Thanks Again iPhone app was launched in tandem with the debut of the new airport merchants in the program. Thanks Again now has 3,206 merchants in over 100 airports, and prior to any marketing effort the app has already been downloaded hundreds of times. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and Thanks Again anticipates usage to reach 5,000 subscribers within the first 12 months.

Thanks Again already is planning additional features for the app, such as integration with account balance and special push offers. An Android version of the app also is in development for release in 2012.