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The Leading Radon Safety Manufacturer Elevates Customer Experiences With Bullseye Lead Manager Software

Bullseye’s Lead Manager shared CRM software delivers the usability, support, and capabilities Spruce needs to provide higher-quality responses faster.

The Problem

download a case studySpruce Environmental Technologies is the parent company of two companies that supply home inspectors and radon contractors with testing and mitigation tools that make indoor air safer. One company, RadonAway, is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of radon mitigation fans and supplies. And the other company, AccuStar Labs, manufactures and analyzes radon test devices.

To distribute products through their distributor sales reps across the US, Spruce needed a locator-based solution to deal with what the company’s Customer Service Manager Pat Everett called “a void in providing good customer service.” She told us that before Bullseye Lead Manager, “People would just call in to find a dealer, and there would be inadequate follow-up and attention.”

Another concern was partner success. The Spruce team wasn’t sure that their reps would be able to learn and use a lead management solution effectively, due to an overall lack of software experience among the manufacturer’s distributor reps.

“We get people who want to buy our products so they can be in our referral process—a side effect we hadn’t anticipated.”Pat Everett, Marketing Services Manager

The Solution

RadonAway screen

Spruce evaluated other systems and chose Bullseye’s Lead Manager because, as Pat stated, “it was the best tool that checked all the boxes.” Bullseye was well-equipped to fulfill the manufacturer’s needs for search capabilities, customization, and streamlined email communications with their distributor sales reps.

Spruce has been using the Bullseye system for three years, and according to Ms. Everett, “It’s used as ‘proof of referral’ software for our website—if a homeowner fills out a form, they’re then assigned to three people within a 50-mile radius.”

On the partner side, Ms. Everett described Bullseye as a “free lead referral service offered by Spruce to distributor reps.” She reports that Lead Manager has increased the number and quality of the company’s leads and sales, and that “The biggest benefit to us is customer retention.” She also points to a higher level of customer confidence, saying that “Customers like the fact that the distributor reps are certified and insured, so that improves the user experience.”

“From a technical standpoint, we’ve been able to accomplish everything we wanted to accomplish,” said Eban Batharon, Spruce’s IT Manager. “We really don’t have anything Bullseye hasn’t been able to do.” And Bullseye’s implementation team addressed the company’s concerns about ensuring sales rep success. Lead Manager’s ease-of-use and support have helped Spruce and their sales partners adapt to the new technology quickly. Now they’re able to close more business with less stress. “For the least effort possible, I make customers happy,” Ms. Everett stated. “It’s easy to work with. I can do my other work, and it’s doing its job.”


leads per month


radon professionals/independent radon specialists

Key Benefits

Stronger Partner Relationships

The Spruce team reports enthusiastic feedback from their sales reps. Ms. Everett explained, “We use it to connect homeowners to professionals. Our sales reps appreciate the fact that we offer it as a free service—they get more business, we get more business.”

Accelerated Lead Management

Lead Manager helped Spruce to improve response times without burdening their marketing team or hiring additional staff. Spruce now directs homeowners to a lead form so they can contact qualified professionals directly, and the dealers can follow up quickly and easily. Ms. Everett said, “It’s very easy to work with.”

Customer Service Excellence

“The biggest benefit to us is customer retention,” Ms. Everett told us. “People are finding the service more, we’re able to provide more leads, and we’re getting a lot more thank-yous from our customers.”

Improved Cost and Time Efficiency

Lead Manager is easy to configure and manage, and it integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRM software. According to Ms. Everett, “I go in only when there are unassigned leads.” As a result, Spruce saves time and money, and they pass the benefits on to their sales reps.

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