Quincy Compressor

Longtime Bullseye Customer Adapts Locator System to Drive Sales to Quincy Branded Locations

Manufacturer Quincy Compressor integrates Lead Manager™ with Salesforce CRM to improve lead follow up and increase conversion.

Quincy Compressor, a manufacturer of high-quality industrial air compressors, has used Bullseye since 2007. Quincy’s unique and demanding sales structure and process has evolved considerably during the course of our relationship. Bullseye’s platform and service has adapted to those needs and continues to deliver success.

The Challenge

download a case studyBefore deploying Lead Manager™, Quincy connected potential customers to its sales force with three advanced web tools that are still in use today. Bullseye’s Web Locator directs visitors to their territory-based sales representative. A third-party document management system lets prospects download product literature. And Quincy purchases qualified leads from a third-party lead generation site.

Quincy saw an opportunity to transform these services into a highly productive lead funnel with greater control and automation. While Bullseye’s Web Locator directed prospects to distributors, the transactions weren’t being captured so that the company couldn’t track and follow up on them.

Even worse, the highly-qualified leads Quincy generated through literature requests, and the lead gen site went stale before salespeople could respond to them because the manual process of distributing leads to territory reps was so laborious and slow.

Adding another layer of complexity, Quincy also sells through their own direct sales locations, with territory-based distributors managing leads in Bullseye, and Quincy locations managing leads in Salesforce. Quincy needed an integrated solution to streamline the process and manage leads better, so they came to us.

The Solution

Custom integrations to improve lead quality.
To generate and manage a steady stream of qualified leads, Quincy added Bullseye’s Lead Manager™ to their Bullseye Web Locator. They enlisted us to create custom integrations with their existing document management and lead generation systems, and an additional quoting system that generated standardized customer quotes.

To ensure excellent customer service for Quincy customers, Lead Manager™ automates the routing of territory-based leads, as well as customer confirmation emails, lead notification emails for distributors, and timed reminders for leads not responded-to, or actions not reported.

Our custom integration with Quincy’s document management system also includes a double opt-in process requiring customers to verify their request for literature. Once verified, customers receive the manufacturer’s content and are automatically queued in the Bullseye system for distribution and follow-up.

With Lead Manager™ in place, the entire process is transparent to Quincy’s corporate marketing staff. They can now see leads, track distributors’ follow-through, intervene to keep the sales cycle moving smoothly, and leverage insights from Bullseye reporting to prioritize high-performing distributors and locations.

Evolving Goals. Enduring Relationships.
In 2018, about 11 years after Quincy’s initial Lead Manager™ setup, we implemented a Salesforce integration to track leads to Quincy’s direct locations in a more granular fashion. Leads marked as “direct” are now pushed into Salesforce, and a lead notification email is sent directly from Salesforce to the right location. Direct locations can log in to their Salesforce app to retrieve the lead.

Quincy continues to see measurable results with Bullseye as their sales structure evolves. Marketing Manager Ashley Oberkirch reports that Lead Manager “Has helped us follow up on leads in the direct channel. We couldn’t see this information on lead status before Lead Manager.”

Bullseye’s robust features and superior customer service have been key to Quincy’s success. “The biggest benefit of Bullseye Lead Manager is that territory definitions can be based on counties, not just zip codes like other tools,” Ms. Oberkirch, said. “Bullseye’s customer service is also very responsive if a question arises. I always get a person to respond, and it feels like a family atmosphere when we interact.”

“The first eighteen months of using Bullseye to push leads to direct locations has resulted in roughly $300,000 to our direct locations.”Ashley Oberkirch, Marketing and Communications Manager at Quincy Compressor
Quincy lead flow

Quincy Lead Flow Architecture

Lead Manager™ Makes it Easy to Handle Third Party Leads

Lead Manager™ collects feeds from multiple contact forms, including an opt-in integration with a 3rd party document management system, and routes them to Quincy’s independent dealers and direct sales locations.

Quincy lead flow chart

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