Infusion Center

WordPress Store Locator Software and Lead Manager

The Challenge

The National Infusion Center Association is a nonprofit membership organization that provides services and resources for office-based infusion treatment centers. In addition to educational activities, advocacy, and other resources, the NICA website offers a directory of member infusion centers. The directory offers advanced search features that help end users–including patients, their support network, and medical professionals–to search the NICA membership list for an appropriate infusion center.

In order to function as a versatile and sophisticated directory service, the infusion center locator needed to support a rich collection of data about each member location, not only to facilitate an effective search interface with multiple filter options, but also to provide the end user with detailed information about each center. Also, NICA wanted to offer a trackable mechanism for allowing users to quickly and easily contact a selected infusion center as well as reporting features to measure performance. And finally, the directory needed to allow new and existing members to sign up online and to manage their own listings, and to have all of this functionality seamlessley integrated with their WordPress website and with a third-party WordPress plug-in for managing paid memberships.

Lead Manager and WordPress Store Locator Software for Infusion Center

Infusion Center Lead Management

The solution

After researching competitive software options, NICA selected Bullseye Locations’ cloud-based store locator to meet these complex needs. Bullseye easily supports unlimited custom location attributes out of the box, so the ability to manage rich location data–and to make it searchable–was no problem. Also, Bullseye’s existing Lead Manager components are a natural solution for contact requests. Each request is automatically handled as a lead, so notification is immediately emailed to the appropriate location contact, and the lead is recorded in Bullseye for subsequent reporting and follow-up.

The clincher for NICA is Bullseye’s robust, full-featured REST web service that exposes virtually every feature of Bullseye for custom integration. Using this API, Bullseye developed a custom WordPress plug-in to manage all interactions between the WordPress front-end and the Bullseye back-end. The front end includes not only the infusion center locator interface, complete with individual location landing pages and lead management features, but also complete workflows to allow new members to sign up via the website and to manage their own locations’ listings. In addition to handling all exchanges between Bullseye and the WordPress site, the plug-in also integrates with a third-party paid membership plug-in, adding members as they sign up via the website, upgrading membership as they are approved by administrators, and differentiating locator features based on membership tiers.

The Result

The integrated WordPress store locator software, complete with location landing pages and lead manager features, is set to launch in June 2016 with over 160 infusion center locations. NICA anticipates that the number of member locations will exceed 500 by mid-2017.