Bullseye Store Locator Service Announces New Interface with Map on Top!

Electric VineStore Locator

Bullseye Store Locator Service is proud to announce a new mapping interface that is available for both Web Plus and Web Premium customers!  This new interface places the map above the location list, and gives our clients an additional locator design option.

New Interface Features

  • Fits within a narrow space (as narrow as 520 pixels)
  • Display coupons (Web Premium accounts)
  • Adjust height by altering the number of search results
  • Hide map to display list for “vertically challenged” implementations
  • Display contact name and title (Web Premium accounts)

Here’s a look at the new interface:

map on top store locator
















Our new interface allows a store locator to fit into a width as narrow as 520 pixels.  You can adjust height by altering the number of locations returned on each page.

For more information on our new interface or on Bullseye Store Locator Service call Tom Flynn at (800) 606-1415.