Developer Q&A: Frank Matteson, and the DJO Store Finder Software Implementation

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Featured Developer March 2010Vital Stats

Title: Senior Programmer/Analyst
Preferred Programming Language(s): VB.Net, C#
Favorite Recent Technology Release: Windows 7

What does your company do?

DJO Incorporated is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. We also develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products.

Can you tell us specifically how Bullseye 6 helps your business?

We currently use Bullseye for a VitalStim® Provider and store finder feature on Users visiting the site can enter their zip code and find providers in their area based on a specified mile radius. The results are then displayed back to the user in a friendly format ready for Google Maps.

Can you describe your experience in working with the Bullseye 6 API?

Bullseye’s APIs are well organized, well documented, and easy to implement into our existing .Net/Ektron framework. The organized and easy to use APIs were easily customized for our desired results. Building wrappers inside our business layer made it easy to call the APIs, manipulate/format the results, and then display back to our users.

Features you might want added to Bullseye?

Bullseye does what we expect and need but more customizable reports and dashboards would be a nice improvement to the Bullseye store finder software platform.