Multiple Icons For Your Store Locator Software Map

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Recently Bullseye made an exciting update that allows you to add multiple store locator map icons and assign them to categories. It’s easy to do by updating your web locator interface. Just follow these simple instructions below. How to Add Store Locator Map Icons Login to your Bullseye Admin and go to Interfaces. Then select Edit on the applicable interface. Under the Options heading, click on Choose File to add another icon to your interface.  Then select Upload. Once you’ve … Read More

Customize Store Locator Search Result Labels

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It’s easy to customize store locator labels for each of Bullseye’s location results through the Bullseye Interface Builder. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use javascript override to modify label text. For instance, we’ll change the links from Website to Visit Site or More Info to Store Info. To make this work, it is helpful to have some HTML experience. As always, we are here to help if you need support. Other labels you may want … Read More

Setting Up a Custom Google Map in Bullseye with Snazzy Maps

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Often we get the question from clients, “Can I customize the map to match my site?” And we say—NO PROBLEM! Sometimes the look of a standard Google Map doesn’t cut it for websites that need a more elegant or specialized look. It is actually very easy to customize the styles of the Google Map with a standard Bullseye interface. Just follow these quick and easy instructions to style and brand your store locator. The following will demonstrate how to get … Read More

Add Pizzazz To Your Store Locator With Images On Location Landing Pages

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Since the goal of a store locator is to send customers to stores to make a purchase, one might think that companies would use available software features that can encourage sales. Yet, many companies do not take advantage of these features. A lot of locators out there stick to the “bare bones” approach. Once a potential customer sees their closest locations, there is an opportunity for further engagement at this critical moment. Why not show them images for each location? … Read More

Using the Bullseye Web Interface for your Facebook Store Locator

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For companies who want to take advantage of the additional features that come with our web interface, an IFrame integration with a Facebook page is easy.  Some of these additional features that are not available on the Facebook interface include: Styling Options Lead Capture Landing Pages Events Here’s an example of what the web interface looks like on a Facebook page: If you’d like to get instructions on setting up our web interface on your Facebook page, check out our … Read More

Enhanced Location Upload in Bullseye!

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Bullseye has a great time-saving option for companies with a basic data structure.  Now companies can keep their own column headers in their .csv file and map them to our fields.  This significantly cuts down the time spent on formatting store locator data when it is uploaded, because there is less data manipulation than previously required.

How To Use Custom Store Locator Fonts In Bullseye

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Recently, we’ve had a few questions from clients on how to use their brand’s web styles within the Bullseye store locator. So today we’re going to show you how quick and easy it can be to get custom store locator fonts working for two of the more popular web fonts, Google and Adobe Typekit. Instructions for Custom Store Locator Fonts Google Fonts For adding Google Fonts, go to Choose your font collection and select Use. Copy the reference code. … Read More

7 Best Practices For Your Store Locator or Dealer Locator Integration

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At Bulleye, our expert marketing team is continually tweaking UI/UX for optimal performance. Wherever possible, we’ve incorporated best practices into our off-the-shelf store locator.  However, when it comes to the actual integration of our product into your site, it’s up to you and your design team to make it work for your business.  Here are some things to keep in mind which will improve usability and help make it easier for users to find and use your store locator or … Read More

Store Locator Widget – Promote Your Nearest Locations

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Update February 18, 2016: You can now create a store locator widget interface in the Admin. Just login to get started! Store locators are often the most visited page on a company’s website, but not always the easiest to find. Now you can integrate a Bullseye Store Locator Widget at the bottom of your website or webpage to make it even easier for your customers to quickly find the store location nearest to them. Check out the live demo on the … Read More

Lead Manager features for Bullseye’s Dealer Locator Software

Joshua Rich, President & CEODealer Locator Software, Lead Manager

In the last few months we’ve seen a lot of interest in Bullseye’s lead management features.  Lead manager features are a great way to utilize your dealer locator software as a tool for generating interest and turning anonymous users into actionable leads.  Our dealer or store locator comes with an easy-to-enable lead capture form built right into the dealer result listing.  You can also create a custom form and use Wufoo, Formstack or any cloud-based form building tool to route … Read More