Capture and Route Leads using Bullseye’s Location Based Services and itDuzzit

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If you are into the cloud, you’ll be excited about this. We certainly are. Bullseye Locations is now an itDuzzit connection. As a connection within itDuzzit, the Bullseye’s Location Based Services API is now available for integration with hundreds of other SaaS applications including Wufoo, Salesforce, Basecamp, WordPress and Campaign Monitor. For a full list go here.

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itDuzzit is a hosted service that provides out-of-the-box connectors to popular cloud services. At it’s most basic level you can use it to connect two applications and pass data from one to the other. What makes itDuzzit really powerful though, is the cloud-based editing suite that lets you layer in custom logic like data conversions, conditional statements and even event triggers. Use it to add “if then” logic, parse data, send emails, call other APIs, whatever you can think of.

Using itDuzzit, one Bullseye client has connected forms created in www.jotform with Bullseye Locations lead management service. Here’s how it works. JotForm submissions are sent via email to an inbox at iDuzzit. Once in itDuzzit, the email is parsed and formed into a new lead submission then submitted through the Bullseye Lead API where it is assigned to distributors for follow up. It’s simple and powerful.

Right now the Bullseye Locations connector supports only lead capture, but soon we’ll be adding our search API which will allow you to integrate store locator software features and nearest location data into applications by connecting through itDuzzit. The possibilities are endless. For example, using itDuzzit you could connect Campaign Monitor to Bullseye Locations and add nearby locations to an outbound email campaign. Just call the member database in Campaign Monitor, loop through each member with zip code, call Bullseye to determine the nearest location, and append that back to your Campaign Monitor list to merge into your email template.

For more information on Bullseye Integrations visit or contact us at 800-606-1415. Go to to signup for a trial itDuzzit account.