Introducing Bullseye 7

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We promised you some great news this fall, and here it is! Our team has been hard at work building a new Bullseye interface – we’re calling it Bullseye 7. It’s robust, easy to navigate, and bursting with cool new features. Here are the top three features in this release.

1. Interface Builder

interface builder
Our new interface builder tool lets you create custom interfaces for your store locator. The tool uses a wizard-style process, making it easy and intuitive to create, configure, and publish your design. You can choose a predefined template for a quick approach, or customize everything to match your brand. Your new store locator software will be up and running in minutes. You’ll also be happy to know that we plan to release more template options in the future.

2. Dashboard Reports

dashboard reports
Along with the interface builder, we’ve added some extra reports and enhanced them with an awesome new interface. You can visually track how your locator is performing and see the sources of your searches all from your new dashboard. We’ve also added a report to monitor searches by IP addresses, with a built-in option to block IPs directly from the report.

3. Support Guides

Even though Bullseye 7 has a new interface with cool new features, we won’t leave you to figure everything out on your own. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned developer, we’ve got you covered with our simple but comprehensive support documentation. For a quick start guide to setting up your locator and information about features, visit the Bullseye Knowledge Base at If you’re interested in building a custom locator or integrating with Bullseye, check out the Bullseye API site at

If you’re an existing customer, log in now to experience the new Bullseye 7.

If you’re a new customer, sign up today for a free trial or contact us for more information at 1-800-606-1415.