Four New SEO Focused Local Landing Pages Features

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We’ve spent the last part of the summer and into fall working on a bunch of great new updates to Bullseye’s Local Landing Page features. These updates will really help your locations do a better job promoting themselves and capturing SEO traffic.

  1. Display Multiple Location Photos
    multiple photos on landing page
    We’ve added the ability to display multiple location photos with every local landing page. Upload an unlimited number of photos which are then displayed in a gallery format. Users can click on thumbnails to view photos in the gallery.
  2. Display Custom Attributes
    display custom attributes
    Want to include fields that are not standard out-of-the box fields on your location display? Now you can include custom attributes on your location landing page display. Go to settings>attributes and add an attribute. Data fields will then be available with each location. If the field is populated, it will show on the location landing page, if not it will be hidden.
  3. Add Meta Title and Description
    add meta data
    Bullseye’s Location landing pages have always supported automatic generation of SEO friendly URLs. Now we’ve given each location a field to update the page title and add a meta description. To update the meta information select the location and then go to the “SEO” tab for that location.
  4. Add Links to Social Media Properties
    links to social media
    Links to Facebook have been a feature of Bullseye for a year or so. Now we’ve extended our integration with social media sites to allow locations to link to Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Yelp. Just add your page ID or page name and an icon along with a link will appear on the Location Landing Page.

Location landing pages are available to Premium subscribers and work with our Top Map interface. To enable them, select the “Location Landing Page” checkbox on the interface options page.

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