Food Manufacturers Get a Discount on Bullseye in Honor of National Nutrition Month

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March is National Nutrition month, and Bullseye is celebrating by offering a month of the Bullseye service for all Food Manufacturing companies who purchase a new yearly Bullseye subscription this March!

This discount applies to Web Plus, Web Premium, and Facebook Premium subscriptions.

There are many advantages to subscribing to one of our affordable subscriptions.  Most notably, for web-based locators, both Web Plus and Web Premium can be embedded with a company’s website, which is not possible with our free locator.  Other notable features include:

  • Access to more reports, including geographic, search source, and searches by IP address
  • More elegant look & feel
  • Autodetect user’s city/state to display stores automatically when they arrive at the locator
  • Display store hours & location contact
  • Choose from 3 flexible search interfaces

Check out an example of one of our embeddable interfaces:

embeddable interface store locator


Call Tom Flynn today at 732-868-8463 for more information.