Creating Value For Your Business On Facebook

Joshua Rich, President & CEOLocation Based Marketing

Like a lot of companies these days, you are probably investing a fair amount of marketing effort into building your social media presence on Facebook. If so, you’ve probably also noticed that companies are doing more with their business fan pages, including customizing layout, adding interactive features, and even adding functionality that once belonged only on websites.

These powerful features generate interaction, they keep users on your Facebook page, and they add excitement that can help make your effort more successful. These are just a few of the Facebook applications which have caught our attention:

5 Valuable Facebook Apps For Your Business Page

  1. FBML: take full advantage of the facebook markup language and start designing welcome pages like you would for your website.
  2. YouTube: capture your audience’s attention by adding your YouTube videos.
  3. WildFire: easily integrate branded interactive campaigns like sweepstakes, contests and give-aways.
  4. Payvment: a free and fully integrated e-commerce platform which allows your fans to shop through Facebook.
  5. Bullseye Locations: a turnkey store location application for Facebook. It works for store locations, dealer locations, service directories–any kind of geo-located data you want to give your fans the ability to search. And yes, it is the newest product in our location-based marketing platform (a little self promotion never hurt anyone).

Check out this article on that gives some great examples of how Businesses are using their Facebook Pages to gain real value; you’ll probably recognize all of the brands reviewed in it.