New Product Features

Electric VineLead Manager, Store Locator

New Lead Manager Features Digital Literature Fulfillment – Automatically include a link to product literature in the confirmation email when users submit requests for information. The link can be dynamic based on the users indicated product interest. Companies – This feature allows you to route leads based upon the company name of the lead. So you can assign lead “A” to distributor “A” and the system will know that all leads that enter lead “A’s” company name should go to distributor … Read More

Bullseye Tip: Lead Manager Email System

Electric VineLead Manager

Did you know that you can use Bullseye’s email system to communicate directly with dealers and distributors?  This feature is useful when you are uploading locations to the system but you don’t want to notify the dealers at the time of the upload.  Instead, you can send them an email with login and password when you launch the application. Here’s how you can do it: Step 1.  Under the locations tab select “email.” Step 2.  Click “Add Location” to select … Read More