Introducing Our WordPress Store Locator Plugin

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Bullseye Locations is the original cloud-based store locator solution, now available for WordPress. This month we are introducing the Bullseye WordPress Store Locator Plugin! We are very excited to be able to offer more solutions for your small business with the same top rated customer support, robust feature set, and easy-to-use back-end interface.

What Makes Bullseye’s Plugin Different?

  • Getting setup takes only minutes and requires no technical background.
  • This is a cloud-based service. So you can manage locations all in one place. You get updates distributed automatically. And there are no nickle and dime add-on costs.
  • Standard subscription comes with automatic location detection, batch CSV import, reporting, interface customization tools, geocoding, categorizations, custom attributes, search rule configuration, and more.

How Does Bullseye’s Store Locator for Plugin for WordPress Work?

This store locator plugin works quite simply. Just connect your existing Bullseye Account or signup for a Free Trial to start a new one. Store and Dealer search functionality can be added via a simple shortcode and location results are delivered to your WordPress site via our high speed API connection.

Here’s a peak at how the Bullseye store locator plugin for wordpress looks in the Admin:

bullseye wordpress store locator plugin screenshot

To learn more, visit Bullseye’s WordPress Store Locator Plugin product page. You can also get more detailed instructions on how to use the Bullseye WordPress Store Locator plugin here.


Check out the store locator widget we recently released.

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