Top 3 Reasons You Need A Store Locator Widget

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I get it. The term store locator widget might not knock you off your feet and leave you with the feeling that you must have this. But listen up for just a minute…because it’s really the perfect store locator software tool for evolving online technology.

Below I’ll give you three reasons you should install the Bullseye Store Locator Widget today.

Bullseye store locator widget

#1 Think mobile first.

Mobile technology has changed the way customers shop and find products. So the Bullseye store locator widget was designed with mobile and responsive websites in mind. Consider these statistics as reported in Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase article:

  • Consumers spend almost 15 hours a week researching a product on a mobile device.
  • 69% of them expect businesses to be within 5 miles or less of their location.
  • Over half of consumers want to make a purchase within an hour of conducting research on their smartphone.
  • 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service. Most purchases happen in physical stores.

#2 Make it easier for users.

Instead of making users find your store locator link, enter their location, and then fumble through results, we’ve come up with an intuitive new approach that simplifies the whole process. Just display the nearest location for them with an expandable popup at the bottom of the browser window. Considering that 71% of consumers use a store locator to find a store on mobile, eliminating those extra clicks can increase your chance of converting them into the final in-store purchase.

#3 Get ahead of an emerging trend.

The store locator widget is a new idea, but it’s going to catch on quickly. Here is your chance to add a fresh, functional feature to your web or mobile site and be ahead of the crowd.  It’s easy to customize and can be styled to match your branding. Just take a look at a few businesses who are already diggin’ it:

Need I Say More?

So now that you are convinced you need this in your arsenal of online marketing tools, you just need to Signup for a Free Trial. If you are already a Bullseye customer then you are one step ahead and just need to login and create an interface. Lucky you!

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