2018 Bullseye Store Locator Features Recap

Bullseye LocationsStore Locator

As 2019 gets underway, we wanted to recap some of the new features in Bullseye’s store locator software that you might have missed! Follow the links to our Knowledge Base and Blog for more information about these exciting new features.

Reinvented Reporting


New reporting enhancements allow greater tracking of store locator statistics and engagement metrics. Our reports run faster now and provide better filtering, customization, and analytic options.

Location Groups

locations groups

Our Location Groups feature allows you to create users that have the ability to manage select locations or territories within a single Bullseye account. You can also assign users based on category filters that have been assigned to locations.

Google My Business Integration

google my business integration

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By integrating Bullseye Locations with your GMB account, you can ensure that your location information is accurate across the web, and keep your information up to date in one place.

List Interface

location list interface

The Location List Interface allows search engines to crawl and index the location pages (similarly to a sitemap), or provide an alternate search by displaying the locations in a list format, without a map.

Holiday/Special Hours

holiday hours

Prepare your customers for any interruptions or changes to your hours of operations by adding holiday and custom hours to locations.

Google Analytics Integration

google analytics integration

Configure your interfaces to send captured data from the Searches By Locations Report to Google Analytics. Data from Bullseye is available in Google Analytics on the Content>All Pages report, and the Events reports.

Snazzy Maps Support

Snazzy Maps support

If the look of a standard Google Map doesn’t cut it, customize it using Snazzy Maps.

Complex Attributes

complex attributes

Complex attributes provide businesses with a better tool for storing, organizing, and communicating location-related content. Complex attributes are a type of attribute that is composed of one or more sub-attributes.