Rolling Out United Kingdom and Australian Store Locator Software

2014 April 18
by Electric Vine

Earlier this week, we rolled out the latest Bullseye release. In addition to some minor fixes, the Bullseye Locations software platform now includes one major new feature. Site visitors can now do radius or proximity searches along with mapping in the United Kingdom and Australia. It’s been quite a journey and we’ve learned a lot about the geography in the UK and Australia along the way. Here are some notes on our implementation.

uk_mapStore Locator Software for United Kingdom

We’ve organized the geographical information for the UK to follow the current ISO 3166-2:2013 standards. The United Kingdom includes 4 constituent parts called countries or provinces. These are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They all fall under the same 2-digit ISO code for United Kingdom. The code is GB. When using Bullseye’s .csv or XML import, use this code for any locations in those 4 countries.

If you want to maintain the country level designation within the United Kingdom, you can read more…

Food Manufacturers Get a Discount on Bullseye in Honor of National Nutrition Month

2014 March 13
by Electric Vine

March is National Nutrition month, and Bullseye is celebrating by offering a month of the Bullseye service for all Food Manufacturing companies who purchase a new yearly Bullseye subscription this March!

This discount applies to Web Plus, Web Premium, and Facebook Premium subscriptions. read more…

Bullseye Launches Coupons for Store Locator Software

2014 January 29
by Electric Vine

Looking for exciting new ways to engage in location-based marketing?  Adding coupons to your Bullseye store locator is a great way to offer users specials and deals that can increase in-store traffic.  Our coupons feature is available to Premium store locator software subscribers. read more…

Bullseye Store Locator Service Announces New Interface with Map on Top!

2013 December 3
by Electric Vine

Bullseye Store Locator Service is proud to announce a new mapping interface that is available for both Web Plus and Web Premium customers!  This new interface places the map above the location list, and gives our clients an additional locator design option.

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Bullseye store locator service launches online billing and subscription management

2013 October 30
by Electric Vine

New Features In Store Locator Service

We’ve recently rolled out a bunch of great new features to the Bullseye Store Locator Service.  Today we’d like to introduce you to our new online subscription management and automated invoice tracking.

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